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It's Time for a Re-Introduction [Bonus Episode]

March 27, 2023 Amanda Jane Season 2 Episode 0
The More Ways Podcast
It's Time for a Re-Introduction [Bonus Episode]
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It’s a new season, there's a new intro for the podcast (and soon to be new cover art), so it's time to get reacquainted because a lot of time has passed since the podcast launched originally and things have (inevitably) changed.... but not everything.

In this short bonus episode I'm sharing what's staying the same and what's evolved and how that came about. And I'm revealing the exciting new focus and direction that The More Ways Podcast now has.

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We are recording. Oh yeah! I’m so happy to be connecting for this (what?!) bonus episode. Because it’s a new season and a new intro (and soon to be new cover art) and it’s time to get reacquainted because a lot of time has passed and things have (inevitably) changed…. but not everything.

So, let’s start with what’s staying the same…

  • I’m still sharing and connecting with ambitious women who want to make a positive change in the world
  • We’re still talking about new approaches and perspectives, busting myths and shifting the dialogue because that is an inherent part of me, that wont go anywhere
  • And we’re still looking at using your time and energy and focusing on what matters TO YOU

When I look back at when I first started the podcast (it’s been 18 months ago y’all, I can’t believe how that time has gone by!) I was wanting to support women who wanted to use more of their time on their creative and ambitious ideas that weren’t being realized. And that still rings true too. I’m realizing as I went through this that so much of the surface-level pieces are still the same.

So, then you might wondering, what has changed?

I had originally focused on productivity because that seemed like the most natural and logical fit and what women were asking for. They said:

  • I want to use my time better
  • I want to focus on not be so distracted
  • I want to be able to make progress on the things I say are important

And that was all true on the surface. The more people I started working with and having more personal conversations with the deeper truth for many of them was that there were particular items that languished on the to-do list week after week or that they were distracted again and again..

Those things were everything that had to with being visible in their business. Any action around showing up and sharing, sharing about their offers, their perspective, talking about their experience and showcasing their work in the world was consistently not happening.

  • even though they knew it was important/necessary part of being in business
  • even though they knew and had a plan or a strategy for what they wanted to be doing. It wasn’t as if they didn’t know how to be visible or what that meant to them
  • even though they had taken another course about Pinterest, or Instagram or content marketing

They were struggling with being overwhelmed by all the things they needed to be doing, they felt unclear or didn’t know where to start or what to say. They would put “email list” on the calendar or “post on social media” on their to-do list or “record a live” on a post-in note on their desk. on the to-do list and that time would arrive and they would find themselves distracted doing household chores, having client needs be unsurpassingly necessary to do in the moment, or diving into admin tasks for their business and found themselves procrastinating. OR if they did attempt to follow-through on emailing list or posting on social media it would take 5x longer than they planned and they would get frustrated or run out of time and abandon it.

So, these amazing women weren’t just procrastinating, they were procrastinating on a really important part of being visible in their business.

I was driving one evening on my way to an event and what dropped in out of nowhere was the words “reluctant marketer” and I realized THAT’s who I’m helping.

Because the solutions they’ve turned to, the marketing tools and tactics don’t actually solve the fear of showing up and expressing yourself authentically and vulnerably. And showing up as your real and honest self is both necessary but also what these heart-centered and soul-led entrepreneurs are deeply craving. They don’t want to have to abandon themselves for success in their business.

That’s what I call courageous marketing.

Because so much of what we’re taught and what we’re shown is that you do have to let go of what’s important to you or sacrifice your values, or you have to burn yourself out to be able to actually earn the rewards. And I don’t think that is true success.

At the core of this is a movement toward unconditional love. Both inward and outward. That’s what I stand for. ANd that’s going to be the backbone of the new More Ways podcast. I’m really excited to explore this idea, expand on it, get feedback and hear your reflections about what’s landing (and what’s not). A podcast is a uni-directional broadcast from me to you. I prefer a much more relational connection, so to bridge that we now have a space for these deep, rich and honest real conversations about these topics. You can find it and sign-up at to get access to The Village where we host events and have real conversations about sharing ourselves courageously in the world. And I’d love to have you. Thanks for tuning into this bonus episode and I’ll see you again really soon.